Japan Tattoo Studio / In Tokyo


We accept bookings via e-mail or phone or DM on any of our social media profiles. In your message please include:

* a picture or a photograph, anything that will give us a rough idea of what design you’d like
*  size

* which part of your body you’d like your tattoo on
* if it’s a cover-up tattoo, send us a photo of the tattoo you’d like to cover or touch up
* when you’d like to book your appointment

English email address:
Phone number:

Due to a large number of no-shows, we require a deposit to secure your appointment. After scheduling your appointment we will send you an invoice to your Paypal with a payment deadline (usually about a week). It is a very convenient system because you can pay the invoice even if you don’t have a Paypal account, all you need is a credit card. Of course, the deposit is included in price so you will pay only the remaining fee at the studio. If you need time to pay for the invoice, just inform us about it. It is possible to pay the deposit directly, coming to our studio, but we highly recommend you to schedule that too. After we receive the deposit all you need is our address!