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Kanji (Japanese characters) tattoos

Here at Japan Tattoo we serve a large numbers of visitors from abroad. In many cases customers come just a couple of hours before their flight back home and taking into account how much time they have for a tattoo — many decide to get something small, like a kanji character. Some ask — is it too cliche? What do Japanese people think?

It is true that most Japanese people don’t get kanji lettering tattooed — they do get English lettering, song lyrics in English etc. and in case of lettering tattoos the most important thing is that you know what it means and there are no spelling or grammar mistakes.

Kanji characters all have a set stroke order — one mistake and they might look unnatural, the shape might be off. It is good to get Japanese lettering done in Japan — this way you  know you will get it done properly. We always offer advice on Japanese lettering and any translations — no need to worry you will leave our studio with a tattoo that says ‘noodles’.

Here are some kanji lettering tattoos we have done:


愛 ー ”love”










‘peace, harmony’

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